Smoke-Stained Sky

Walking the streets of Bethlehem during the protest was not a fearful event for me. I perhaps never felt safer, even at the sound of tear gas shot into the air and watching the smoke in the distance.

Set This World on Fire

We remember the racial injustice of the past and the progress we’ve made into the present. Now, do we take a break until Black History Month or until next January? Despite the prevailing myth of a present “post-racial” society, the winds of change and activism have sprung up once again.

Get Lost

Roberto and I have been developing a friendship.  Since I have arrived in León, Nicaragua, we’ve been working together doing urban ministry trainings in different locations throughout the city.  Our mode of travel is Roberto’s motorbike. He drives and I hop on the back of that two wheeler and we make it work.  Nicaragua is…

A Greater Whole

What does it mean to be a part of the church?  To many that is probably a familiar question.  But, I wonder, how often do we reflect on what it means to be a part of the global church?  We read in the book of Romans God’s admonishment through the Apostle Paul, “For by the…

God’s Country

It’s hot everyday.  And everyday it’s humid so that you don’t want to move or even turn your head.  You sweat enough just by sitting still.  The doors and windows stay open, allowing whatever breeze may fall to pass through the home.  You try and find a place between the shadows and the chance to…