In this series of work, Alfield Reeves has been capturing the lives of real people in Grand Rapids. This photo series is birthed from a collection of things: my love and desire for perspective and wisdom, my passion for photography and writing, all intertwined with my discontentment of living in Michigan. A pretty obscure combination,…


…I decided to use my gift of photography and my love for engaging people and culture to start the #MyBlackLivesMatterSeries. The goal of the series is to highlight people – black people especially – to bring not only their faces to the forefront, but their voices and opinions as well.

Set This World on Fire

We remember the racial injustice of the past and the progress we’ve made into the present. Now, do we take a break until Black History Month or until next January? Despite the prevailing myth of a present “post-racial” society, the winds of change and activism have sprung up once again.