In this series of work, Alfield Reeves has been capturing the lives of real people in Grand Rapids.

This photo series is birthed from a collection of things: my love and desire for perspective and wisdom, my passion for photography and writing, all intertwined with my discontentment of living in Michigan. A pretty obscure combination, huh? 

I started this series intending to bring perspective, wisdom and insight from those I don’t know, not knowing that I would also gain acquaintances and connections from other “creatives” and artists.

As a “creative” it would be easy for me to present and give you what I want you, as the reader, to take from reading these stories that I present. But, I feel comfortable and confident that whatever you take from this series will be beneficial and of value to you. 

You can find all the present & past stories on my website. You can also find photos in this series by searching the hashtag #ThePeopleOfGrandRapids on Instagram and Twitter.

Alfield Reeves



Trust is the beginning of faith.

Image-1.jpg“Everyone here is on an airplane that is destined to crash and my job is help people find their life jackets” — Darius


“As a Christian I believe that the religion of Islam is wrong but God didn’t tell me to go and punch them” — Alan