Pictures often move us in ways that words cannot. In response to the most recent slaying of Black men in the national news, guest blogger Alfield Reeves has created a photo series to reach out to the public. Follow the link in the quote below to see the complete series.

I believe that we, as the people, have the power to end racism.

In light of the recent killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, I knew I wanted to respond, but in a healthy and wise way. So, I decided to use my gift of photography and my love for engaging people and culture to start the  #MyBlackLifeMattersSeries. The goal of the series is to highlight people – black people especially – to bring, not only their faces to the forefront but, their voices and opinions as well.

Alfield Reeves


People won’t speak up because they are afraid of what they will lose.

– George

Black lives should matter on all levels, whether It’s black on black crime or white on black crime.
– Conversation quote

IMG_5533I don’t feel safe anywhere I go.